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Eric Maurer

Creative Director

Creative Direction

Leading in-house creative teams for corporate and product marketing, as well as external agency relationships. I create, plan and deliver the strategic vision while remaining hands-on to support my team, stakeholders, organization and clients. 

Visual Design


Digital and print design spanning B2B and B2C; collateral for sales enablement and marketing. This includes, web, email, social, advertising, video and presentations.

Building design systems, brand and visual identity creation. This includes driving brand adoption and alignment across organizations.

Strategy & Planning

Industrial & Experimental Design

In addition to setting the strategy for the creative team, I work with the C-Suite and team leaders to support annual strategy and business planning efforts providing insight where my team will best contribute.

My background goes beyond digital and print design. I also build solutions for experiential design; events, trade shows and physical projects. 

Team Building & Management

I build high performing teams that feel empowered, take ownership and strive to deliver their best work. I work with my team to learn and grow, ensuring they know efforts and contributions are recognized. Always with a focus on employee satisfaction and retention. 

Enthusiast Media

I am an award winning motorcycle / automotive fabricator and customizer. I have 20+ years in the aftermarket industry as a writer, photographer, designer, builder and marketer.​ I have covered some of the largest events in the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket, as well as featured some of the best talent and figureheads in the industry.

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